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profile_show_case Listed on the Mainboard of Singapore Exchange, Super Coffeemix Manufacturing Ltd (“Super”) is a leading diversified manufacturer of instant beverages and convenient food products that are marketed and distributed globally. Incorporated in 1987, Super is a pioneer in the manufacture of 3-in-1 beverage products. The Company was accredited Pioneer Status by the Singapore Economic Development Board for its role in the introduction of instant cereals in 1994 followed by its soluble spray dried coffee in 1998 and non-dairy creamer in 2003. It is also the only company in Singapore and the region with the manufacturing capability for instant soluble coffee, cereal flakes and non-dairy products. Adopting a global outlook, the Group operates internationally with 12 advanced manufacturing facilities throughout the region in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Myanmar and Thailand. Each facility is equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing lines, which are customized to meet rigorous manufacturing requirements. Super’s products are distributed through our extensive global distribution network of direct sales offices and distributors strategically located, spanning 52 countries worldwide. Besides building up our distribution network, Super has also made headway in establishing ourselves as leading contract manufacturer. We are always seeking opportunities to produce and pack for large food and beverage organizations overseas. We constantly seek alliances with global brands to increase our presence in export markets and exploit our manufacturing capabilities to its fullest potential. Besides innovation in product, quality remains a cornerstone of the Company’s philosophy. Stringent quality control and full automation ensures that the products are manufactured with consistently high quality – a quality which leads to repeated purchases from consumers around the world. Over the years, Super has struck several key alliances and partnerships with multinational corporations with the aim to build mutually beneficial relationships to further enhance Super’s brand equity. Our partnerships with major multinational corporations attest to Super’s superior manufacturing standards, stringent quality assurance and commitment to global expansion and penetration. Today, Super has more than 300 products under its flagship spanning from instant coffeemix, instant coffee, instant teamix, instant cereals, instant noodles, canner drinks to non-dairy creamers. Each product is made with top quality ingredients and customized to suit the palates of its consumers in each market. Manufactured under stringent procedures for quality assurance, Super has been awarded ISO 22000 and HACCP certification. As a market leader in instant convenient food and beverages, Super is constantly creating new frontiers with the introduction of new and innovative products. The Company’s strength in product innovation, quality control and market expansion has created a foundation for continued success into the future.